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Articulos aceptados

43524 An Introduction to a new commentator for RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation
44202 Visual Selective Attention Model for Robot Vision
45771 Morphology and Gait Control Evolution of Legged Robots
46192 RoboCup Small-Size League: Using Neural Networks to Learn Color Segmentation during Visual Processing
46193 Experimental Implementation of the Cascade Controller with Adaptive Dead-zone Compensation Applied to a Hydraulic Robot
46201 MecaTeam Framework: An Infrastructure for Soccer Agents Development of Simulated Robots
46207 5-link Bipedal Robot Stabilized by means of Dorsal Movement Compensation
46347 Vision-based outdoor navigation using mobile robots
46355 SLAM in Underwater Environment using SIFT and Topologic Maps
46356 A Real-Time Neural Network based Color Classifier
46357 Cooperative Path Planning for a Heterogeneous Robotic System composed of a Humanoid Robot and a Wheel Robot
46366 Robust State-Space Estimation for Mobile Robot Localization
46367 Variable Utility Utility in Multi-Robot Task Allocation Systems
46369 Execution Monitoring Applied to Data Estimation Processes
46370 Real-Time Robot Localization In Indoor Environments Using Structural Information
46372 MaeRobot: An open source test platform for prototyping robots
46376 Adaptive Knee Joint Control for an Active Amputee Prosthesis
46378 Reflexive behavior for a four-legged mobile robot using fuzzy logic
46379 Mixed Reality RoboCup Category - An overview of FURGBOL-PV Contributions
46380 Nonlinear modeling, identification and control for a simulated miniature helicopter
46382 Effective Pedestrian Detection and Counting at Bus Stops
46383 Stabilization of a Wheeled Inverted Pendulum by a Continuous-Time Infinite-Horizon LQG Optimal Controller
46387 An Intelligent Adaptive Controller
46388 Robust and Efficient Embedded Vision for Aibo in Robocup
46542 A Five-layers Open-architecture Robot Controller Applied to Interaction Tasks
46552 Team Agent Behavior Architecture in Robot Soccer
46566 Deadline Missing Prediction in Systems based on Distributed Threads
46570 Human Detection Using Thermopiles
46576 TATUBOT - Robotic System for Inspection of Undergrounded Cable System
46577 A Robotic Vision System Using a Modified Hough Transform to Perform Weld Line Detection on Storage Tanks
46578 Dynamic Modelling of a Quadrotor Aerial Vehicle with Nonlinear Inputs
46579 Diagnostic Robotic Agent in the RoboEduc environment for educational robotics
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