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TDP (Team Description Paper)

All teams intending to participate in LARC 2008 must submit one Team Description Paper (TDP). Teams from the same institution in different leagues must submit one TDP for each league.

The TDP should describe the ideas implemented in the team. It can describe the overall system or focus on one or two main components. We recommend you to choose topics that you feel are especially novel, important, or different from how other teams approach the problem, and/or other teams would be interested in reading about.

It is especially important to have clear, and focused explanations. You can assume that the audience is familiar with general topics of the league (description, rules, etc.) and can thus devote most of the TDP to the important issues. In particular, you should explain the technical details of how your approach works so that other researchers can repeat your results. In this way, other researchers can gain from your experience, as you will gain from theirs.

TDP format

TDPs can be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish. The length of the TDP has to be at least two (2) pages and should not exceed six (6) pages. The style must be the one adopted in LARS 2008. Please submit the TDP as a PDF document: papers in other formats will be discarded. Instructions for the authors (templates, etc.) can be found in the site of LARS 2008 - Latin American Robotics Symposium.


TDP submission will be via the JEMS Portal web page. We strongly recommend that you follow the following step-by-step instructions when submitting your paper.

Step 1: Write your paper using the available templates. Please do not change the formatting in any way. If you choose not to use the templates, please make sure that your paper strictly adheres to the formatting instructions. Note, however, that we strongly encourage you to use the available templates.

Step 2: Create a PDF version of your paper.

Step 3: Submit the PDF of your paper electronically via the JEMS Portal web page, through the JRI 2008 - CBR-LARC2008 track. Note that the PDF file must not exceed 2MB.


TDPs will be submitted to a simplified revision process to check:
  • the style and number of pages;
  • if the document is comprehensible; and
  • the plausibility of the proposal.
No deep technical revision will be performed.


All TDPs that have success in the review process will be accepted. A team without TDP or whose TDP is not accepted could not participate LARC 2008.


Accepted TDPs will be published in the site of LARC 2008 - V Latin American Robotics Competition.

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