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The registration fees are described in Reais (Brazilian currency) (US$ 1,00 is approximately R$ 1,80).

Please, consider to use the currency conversion of the day of your deposit or transfer process. This webpage can help:

Registration Types Until Sep 30th Oct 1st to Oct 17th On site
RoboCup Junior
Team (with 1 professor + 1 student) 60,00 75,00 N/A
Extra Student (4 student at most) 20,00 25,00 30,00
Extra Professor/Responsible 40,00 50,00 60,00
Senior Competitions - members without SBIA/SBRN/LARS registration
Team (with 1 member) 150,00 190,00 N/A
Professor (for each from 2nd to 4th member) 80,00 100,00 120,00
Student (for each from 2nd to 4th member) 50,00 65,00 75,00
Professor (for 5th member or each more) 200,00 250,00 300,00
Student (for 5th member or each more) 150,00 190,00 225,00
Senior Competitions - members have SBIA/SBRN/LARS registration
Team (with 1 member) 100,00 125,00 N/A
Professor (for each from 2nd to 4th member) 50,00 65,00 75,00
Student (for each from 2nd to 4th member) 30,00 40,00 45,00
Professor (for 5th member or each more) 130,00 165,00 200,00
Student (for 5th member or each more)) 100,00 125,00 150,00
Example: A Team with 4 students without SBIA/SBRN/LARS: 150+3*50 = R$ 300,00

Participation Conditions

The requirements for each team to participate are:
  • The teams must represent an institution necessarily.
  • An Intsitution can be represented by one or more teams in the competition
  • The registration of different teams from the same institution in the same category is allowed only under this condition: the teams must be composed by distinct people, algorithms and robots.
  • The team (for all categories) must submit a technical paper called TDP (Team Description Paper).

Registration Steps

To complete the team registration, you must follow the following steps (for each team):
  1. Deposit (or perform a bank transfer or payment order) to:
    • Bank Account: 322119-9
    • Branch/Agency: 1899-6
    • Bank: Banco do Brasil
    • City: Porto Alegre - RS
    • Name/Beneficiary: SBC SBIA SBRN (or just SBRN)
    • Responsible: AUGUSTO C P L COSTA
    • Swift code: BRASBRRJ
    • Bank Address: Av. Paulo Gama, 110 - Anexo Botnica - 90040-060
  2. Scan the deposit receipt (bank transfer or payment order)
  3. Submit the TDP of the team
  4. Fill the registration form, which requires the TDP submission number on JEMS and the payment day and value.
  5. SEND this form and the payment receipt to When the e-mail arrives it will be confirmed.

Any information or need of a formal receipt, please contact Eduardo in:

The registration will be accepted only after:
  • Payment confirmation
  • Acceptance of the TDP
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